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Good Things Really Do Come in Small Batches

Jill Turnbull Beauty - Blue Beauty Essentials. Made Sustainably with Ocean Safe Ingredients and Always Cruelty Free

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches

Small batches of beauty are a production method in which products are made in much smaller amounts than conventional. 

In this form of production, products are typically handmade rather than made by machines, allowing brands to minimize waste and avoid overproduction. 

The number of products made in small batches runs can be as low as 100 units per shade or scent; more often than not, there are below 5000 units in each production run. 

This means small batch production is also either low or zero emission. Smaller quantities can also allow for natural preservatives (or no preservatives at all), which in turn means strict use by dates – there won't ever be loads of stock stored up in warehouses.

Here are a few more facts as to why our products are made in small batches and why they are worth it:


We harness pure and active botanical ingredients for our beauty products; this brings excellent benefits allowing you to have the freshest blends available.

Creating my products in small batches allows me to control the process down to the very last detail. Intertwining beauty and simplicity.

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches.

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches


We get our ingredients from trustworthy sources to ensure they are of the purest quality. While the fresher ingredients mean a shorter shelf-life, they are better for you and the planet. Small batches are a good thing!

Jill is hands-on and always available to answer your questions, make recommendations, advise on products, and offer beauty tricks of the trade.

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches.

better shelf life with better ingredients


With small batches of beauty, very few hands touch the products before they get to customers' hands.

When looking for a new product to add to your beauty routine, consider buying from brands that produce in small batches to ensure you get the best value.

There is a benefit to purchasing beauty made in small batches. When shopping, remember to read the ingredients and keep an eye out for brands you can trust!

We believe in minimizing our impact and improving our relationship with the Earth!

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches.

better shelf life with better ingredients

Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches

Production made in small batches is not a new phenomenon. However, Jill Turnbull Beauty believes that reduced production sizes in small batches are more ethical and allow her to create the best products. Our products undergo strict human quality control and a lot of love, care, and attention.

Small-batch beauty is very similar to the restaurant world; my son worked for a few years at a Michelin-star restaurant. They have a small number of covers to ensure the food is flawless; it's also an environmental game changer and well-run human flow.

The food is direct from the local farm, prepped by hand with no machinery. Therefore, there is zero carbon footprint in the production process. This food small batch process also has a significant waste reduction because mistakes during production can be reduced on a much smaller scale, resulting in very little waste. But, on the other hand, an error caused by machinery could result in huge batches having to be discarded.

Producing in small batches is also better for beauty lovers as it ensures access to the freshest products available. For beauty lovers, this freshness allows "the active ingredients to be at their most potent and therefore most effective." The benefits to the environment producing in small batches benefit a more sustainable form of farming that avoids the mass machinery production environment. Which is terrible for biodiversity and the environment.

support brands that create in small batches

Beauty in small batches has to equal more significant quantities. Big brands need to look for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing. But for now, buy from beauty brands that create beauty in small batches, especially when you're next stocking up.

small batches of organic beauty

There is no strict legislation currently for organic beauty products; brands can label anything as organic, even if the way the product was made or the number of organic ingredients says otherwise. So when you want to buy, look thru the ingredients, use only natural color and fragrance, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and are cruelty-free.

Ethically sourced, sustainably wild-harvested, handcrafted hair care!

Check out our beauty selection made in small batches for the best in unique Blue Beauty Essentials made sustainably with ocean-safe ingredients and always cruelty-free small batch hair care, small batches makeup, and natural skin care.

small batches of organic hair care

Jill Turnbull grew up in eco-conscious Australia – imbued with a sense of adventure, awe of the ocean, and grit to make her own way in the world.
Inspired by 45 years of professional hair styling experience across the globe and a childhood steeped in the wonder of the Australian Great Barrier Reef, Jill Turnbull Beauty was born.
Ethically sourced sustainable beauty made in small batches, these performance-driven beauty essentials nourish hair, skin, and body naturally. Intertwining beauty and simplicity and with a focus on exceptional quality but minimal impact on the earth, all Jill Turnbull Beauty products are multi-tasking heroes.

With full ingredient transparency, Jill Turnbull Beauty provides a clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free alternative to current beauty products. With a mission to reverse the beauty industry’s tremendous negative impact on the environment - and the marine environment in particular. We have created small batches of plant-based multi-use products and recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging, all to work towards the planet's highest results-driven ocean-safe beauty.

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Because good things really do come in small batches.

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