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Blue Beauty Is The Growing Movement You "Should" Be Watching

Blue Beauty Is The Growing Movement You "Should" Be Watching

Blue Beauty VS. Green Beauty

While both blue and green beauty exist under the same sustainable umbrella, they reside in slightly different subsets. Green beauty refers to beauty products that are produced using clean, sustainably sourced ingredients with the aim of being better for both our skin and the environment. Blue beauty, on the other hand, aims specifically to reduce the negative impact of products and packaging on our oceans and marine life. "It's all about cleaning up our oceans by using reef and ocean-safe ingredients, avoiding any chemicals that are harmful to our ocean life, adopting a zero-waste policy, avoiding the use of plastic. packaging entirely, and offering refillable and reusable options," says Jill Turnbull, founder of Jill Turnbull Beauty.

In other words, the green beauty and blue beauty movements are both championing the same cause: sustainability. "Both fight to reduce emissions, prevent pollution and waste, and reduce energy," says Turnbull. "Ultimately, the planet needs both green and blue beauty. We cannot increase our carbon footprint much further without inducing severe climate change, and we cannot contaminate our oceans through our rivers with industrial and consumer waste," she adds.