Sqround: It’s not exactly a square and it’s not exactly round.

Ok, so now that you know what sqround is (sorta), I’m sure you’re wondering: "What are the benefits and why did Jill Turnbull decided to package her HairCare in these specific shapes?"
qround: It’s not exactly a square and it’s not exactly round.

1. NO WASTE in manufacturing - with cylindrical bottles there are always leftover materials. Think about baking cookies, if you stamp our circles there is always going to be leftover dough, whereas if you make them square there is little to no leftover excess. Limiting the amount of waste we produce played a large part in choosing the bottle shape. The beauty industry as a whole there is an abundance of waste, so we made sure to be as eco-conscious as possible when designing our packaging.


2. A sqround bottle won’t roll and it's easier to hold. I know this reason is pretty self-explanatory but super convenient! If you do drop the bottle or it falls over in the shower it won’t roll away!

3. These bottles are designed to look great in your bathroom, they line up easily and snug on your shower shelf, they take up less space. The rounded edge adds an easy to hold grip, whether in the shower or unboxing they won’t slip away.

3. It was important to limit our waste so we took into account how we could save space when packaging these bottles when you head off on vacation. With so much travel, elements like chlorine, sun and heat damage I often find my hair in desperate need of some love and attention – so I usually pack them in the Cotton Sac they came in to avoid bursting, spilling or leakage. By using a sqround bottle you can stack the bottles on top of each other or have them lay flat next to each other in your suitcase for check in. Looking after your hair as you travel the world is integral, you don’t want to undo all your good work from the rest of the year by leaving your products at home and skipping proper hair maintenance.