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Finally, hair care that tends to my dry scalp issues while adding body back into my sad hair! Somehow the wash manages to be clarifying and nourishing at the same time. Life is coming back to my hair, my natural wave is more defined, my hair is full of bounce and feels soft. I am truly blown away. The conditioner is very hydrating and doesn't leave a heavy feeling like so many conditioners do. So glad I made the change!     Rebecca Hall  

I have gone through a little over a year of a hair crisis my scalp was a mess my hair was basically lifeless and then I started on the Jill Turnbull System of hair care products and it has completely been a game changer for me use the regimen on a daily basis my favorite product is the leave in which is it is amazing I use it in between shampoos and for me that has been the number one game changing product but my hair looks completely different it has been transformed and I couldn't be happier.         Dianna Mulchey 


Fabulous I have tried many many foundations over the years and have never been really happy with the finish or the colour match. No Sweat is what I’ve been looking for all this time! The colour match is perfect! The finish is beautiful. I really didn’t think I could not wear powder but it’s not needed with the product. It’s not tacky on the skin. It stays flawless and I use as a concealer and a foundation. Rachel

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