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Our reconstructing, cuticle rehabilitating, optimal recovery overnight mask.   For the first time, this overnight sleeping mask combines aloe, shea butter, algae, and more to recharge and rehydrate the hair overnight for optimal recovery. Vegan & Gluten Free
Our unique, luxurious shampoo combines aloe vera with nourishing micro algae, wild herbs, and berries to cleanse and repair. Vegan & Gluten Free This transforming WASH melts into a milky emulsion to gently and effectively lift away all traces of pollutants.
Innovative green science, respecting nature and uncovering the limitless potential of aloe vera. A powerful serum for regenerating and protecting your hair and scalp. Intense aloe vera content allows you to use the SERUM in so many ways. Vegan & Gluten Free
Our luxurious, youthful daily conditioner nourishes and restores moisture. Perfect for all hair types. Raw 100% wildcrafted shea butter creates an unparalleled lipid hair conditioning. Algae extract and vegan silk amino acids increase shine, smooth texture, and restore radiance.
Daycare for your hair, fuel to power your hair’s performance, to strengthen and fortify from root to the ends. This antioxidant-rich, fortifying elixir is formulated to help boost thickness, defend against pollutants and environmental aggressors.
Our “WEEKENDA Collection” is the new green beauty hair care, sustainably sourced ocean-safe ingredients focusing on renewing vitality, healing damaged hair and scalp. The collection is formulated with pure, carefully curated ingredients (thank you aloe vera and algae), reduces scalp irritation, rebuilds hair from the inside out and restores shine.