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Natural Ingredients, Ocean Safe and Always Cruelty-Free.

One of our core values at Jill Turnbull Beauty is that we make hair care, skincare, and makeup products sustainably with ocean-safe ingredients and are always cruelty-free.  

OUR CLEAN PROMISE - the beauty industry has a significant (and frightening) impact on the environment . . . marine environment in particular.

We have created plant-based, multi-use products, and recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging, all to work towards a bluer future.

We exclude ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful; it’s easy to find alternatives that are shown to be less likely to irritate sensitivities.

We go out of our way to source ingredients that are ocean safe, cruelty-free and free from most common toxins. we proudly guarantee the following . . . .


Jill Turnbull Beauty believes in full ingredient transparency; all products are formulated with ocean-safe ingredients ethically harvested from all corners of the world with trusted local partners.

100 % biodegradable, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious production.

Each product is made without harmful or unnecessary ingredients and is always cruelty-free.

Jill Turnbull Beauty.

Inspired by 45 years of professional hair styling experience across the globe and a childhood steeped in the wonder of the Australian Great Barrier Reef, Jill Turnbull Beauty provides ocean-safe, results-driven beauty essentials that nourish hair, skin, and body naturally.

Intertwining beauty and simplicity with a focus on exceptional quality with minimal impact on the earth, all Jill Turnbull Beauty products are multi-tasking heroes.

With full ingredient transparency, Jill Turnbull Beauty provides a clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free alternative to current hair and skin care products. With a mission to reverse the beauty industry’s tremendous negative impact on the environment - a marine environment in particular. We have created plant-based multi-use products and recycled, recyclable, or reusable packaging to work towards the planet's highest results-driven ocean-safe beauty.