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Blue Beauty VERSUS Green Beauty

Blue Beauty is a sustainable beauty movement in an effort to reduce negative impacts of chemicals and plastic on ocean life.

What is Blue Beauty?

Blue Beauty is a sustainable beauty movement in an effort to reduce negative impacts of chemicals and plastic on ocean life. It's about cleaning up our oceans by using reef and ocean safe ingredients, avoiding any chemicals that are harmful to our ocean life and the environment, adopting a zero-waste packaging policy, and/or avoiding the use of plastic in packaging entirely and offering refillable and reusable options.

Blue Beauty vs. Green Beauty?

It’s important for customers to understand Blue Beauty and Green Beauty are actually fighting for the same cause -- sustainability. Both fight to reduce emissions, prevent pollution and waste, and reduce energy. This can be achieved by adopting more eco-friendly practices through the use of environmentally friendly ingredients and choosing recyclable, reusable and refillable packaging options. You can think of Blue Beauty as a subdivision of Green Beauty where it focuses on our oceans, and in order to save our oceans, it starts with being more sustainable in our practices.

Why Does Blue Beauty Matters?

Blue Beauty is just as important as any other environmental cause because it’s about protecting our planet. 90M tons of plastic end up in our ocean each year because only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, and the beauty industry is a big contributor to that, and a lot of it has to do with excess use of plastic in packaging.

When we wash our bodies each day, the products we use will all be washed down the drain with the water. Water waste treatment plants do not break down all the ingredients in beauty products and some then make their way to marine environments. Some of these ingredients cannot break down in aquatic environments causing aquatic toxicity, harming marine life and the ecosystem balance.

If we continue with how we are going, we will further impact our planet in a negative way that will ultimately destroy our entire ecosystem. It’s our responsibility to protect our planet by adopting better and safer practices that help to create a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live.

"Do we really care so little about the earth on which we live that we don't want to protect one of the world's greatest wonders from the consequences of our behaviour?" - Sir David Attenborough


The beauty industry has a major (and frightening) impact on the environment . . .
Marine environment in particular.

We are creating plant-based alternatives to marine derived ingredients, multi-use products, recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging all to work towards a bluer future.

Founder Jill Turnbull grew up in eco-conscious Australia, where the government issues egg timers to households to limit their water usage. “Because of this experience, I made it my mission to minimize water waste through product innovation,” Turnbull tells us. For example, the brand’s hair care line absorbs quickly into hair without the build-up of product, making for a faster rinse time.

Minimizing Water Waste.

FACT: 70% of the world is covered by water, yet only 2.5% of it is fresh and only 1% of it is easily accessible for human use.

The beauty industry’s demand for water is huge, and in a lot of products, it is the most-used ingredient! All of our haircare reduces water waste by rinsing out in seconds.

When we shower, the products we use are washed down the drain, however, water waste treatment plants cannot break down all of these ingredients, which is how some make their way to marine environments.

All of our products are formulated with reef-safe ingredients with complete transparency and are 100 percent biodegradable.

Giving Back: One Order at a Time

The ocean has always been my sanctuary. Growing up near the Great Barrier Reef, I witnessed firsthand the beauty and fragility of our marine environments. This passion drives everything we do at Jill Turnbull Beauty.
Every order is more than just a purchase; it's your entry into a community of like-minded individuals. Together, we're able to remove 20 plastic bottles from the ocean. It's a small step, but with our collective effort, it's a significant impact.
We use only the cleanest, ocean-safe ingredients in our products because we believe in making beauty kind to you with the ocean in mind. When you choose Jill Turnbull Beauty, you're not just caring for your hair—you're helping to protect the world's precious ecosystems.
We're deeply grateful for your support of our mission. Together, we're making a tangible difference for future generations. Thank you.

"Being raised in eco-conscious Australia, my mission has always been simple: to create clean, quality self-care that nourishes your hair, skin, and body naturally with the ocean in mind. Intertwining beauty and simplicity with exceptional quality, these multi-tasking beauty essentials are effective while also minimizing the effect on the planet," says Jill.
"After more than 48 years in the beauty industry, I began to realize that many of the products labeled as sustainable were not and that the industry has a tremendously negative impact on our oceans and our earth with the pervasive greenwashing. The Botanical product line I've developed is not only better for earth, but for the people who use it."

Responsibly & Ethically Sourced.

responsibly ethically sourced botanical haircare

All of our products are cruelty-free, and we're working with the Humane Society of the United States to end animal testing for cosmetics.
We are Leaping Bunny Certified.
Our products are produced locally in the USA.
Each time you make a purchase with us, you make a direct contribution to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Our Packaging

Our products are produced and packaged to coexist harmoniously with our pledge to sustainable beauty and are BPA-free, recycled, recyclable and reusable after use.
Each bottle, jar and tube is made of most recyclable form of plastic PET, designed to last for up to 2 years allowing for multiple refills. As we know glass is not safe to be used in the shower, so thats why we offer resilient packaging and encourage refilling it once empty. We work hard to ensure these materials are directly tied to upcycling efforts to reduce plastic waste. We skipped out on outer cardboard boxes and every piece of printed material, including the box your products arrive in, are produced from recycled materials.

Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature

botanical haircare biomimicry inspired by nature

It's important that we continue to learn and be inspired from biomimicry, when we choose to mimic nature's solutions we will be able to solve some of our world's most constraining problems, from reducing carbon emissions to saving water.
Taking inspiration from biomimicry, our products are not only good for you to use, they are good for the planet.

"The idea that perhaps we should be looking at these mentors, these biological elders that have figured out how to create a sustainable world - So rather than inventing it from scratch why don't we take our cues from them, these are earth savvy adaptations - that the best ideas might not be ours, but have already been invented." - Janine Benyus, Co-founder, Biomimicry Institute