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Discover Our Hair Color Education  

Hair Color 101

Here’s where it all begins. You’ll learn the “what”, “how” and “why” of color science + chemistry fundamentals.

I'll reveal my recipe for building a good strong foundation for each and every colour formula.

Money Making Blondes

Learn to save time defusing brassiness, understand natural levels and pigments, choose the right developer, and address common blonde problems.

Master lifting and toning for stunning, predictable results every time.

Grey Coverage + Blending

Your Secret Weapon with Grey Coverage:

Want to know the real secret to grey coverage?

Coverage or compensation is the question, it will really change the way you do color!

Fashion + Long Lasting Color

Learn how to evaluate the hair inside and out for ultimate color control by properly structuring hair to prevent fading.

Learn the three essential elements for durable color, understand color molecules, and master coupling, pre-softening, and pre-pigmenting.

Color Correction - 911

Transform your approach to color correction and leave hair healthier than before.

Avoid the common mistake of over-bleaching and learn alternative methods to restore hair to its natural state simplifying the process with easy, step-by-step guidance for any color brand.

Color Master Series

Transform your color business and career with our Color Master Series. Create perfect blondes, vibrant fashion colors, and expert color correction. Understand natural levels, choose the right developer, and address common issues. Step-by-step guidance for stunning, predictable results with any color brand  

Discover Our Hair Styling Education  

Ultimate Blowdry

Perfect your blowdry, the ultimate way to hold a finish look.

The use of styling tools and finishing products is the final, but essential stage of achieving your clients desired look: get it wrong, and all the hard work prior to this would be a waste!

Hair for the Set

Master Met Gala-worthy styles in our advanced class.

Perfect sleek ponytails, elegant chignons, glamorous waves, and intricate braids.

Achieve stunning, long-lasting looks with expert techniques.

Ten Styling Tips

These simple, practical finishing techniques essential for understanding how to manipulate hair to create a variety of long-lasting finished for all occasions.  

Creating, timeless long-lasting hair styles.


Discover Our Communication Education  

Educating Your Client + rebooking

Giving your client what they need versus what they want and increase your sale and keep them returning.

Consultation Not Confrontation

It’s not how many clients you have, it’s what you do with each client!


Style + Color Tracker

Your Secret for tracking client preferences and ensuring consistent, personalized service.


Discover Our Entrepreneur Education  

AI Brand StoryTeller

How To Build A Brand

How To Get Published

What Are Customer Are Saying

Consultation Not Confrontation

it’s not how many clients you have, it’s what you do with each client!

In this session we show you how to turn one booked service into three – and in the process, increase your sales potential by 40%


Hair Styling 101

Join Hairstyling 101 to master the foundations of creating long-lasting hairstyles. Learn all the essential fundamentals and elevate your styling skills with our expert-led course..

Personalized Training

Enhance your salon's expertise with personalized training in hair color and styling. Tailored classes and sessions to address your specific needs and elevate your team's skills.


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