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We are all about being environmentally-conscious and minimizing our eco-footprint. You can help us with that-we encourage all of our customers to return their empty packaging.

As a reward for recycling with us, you will receive a 10% discount code, after your return is processed.

We have an overall sustainable approach, using as little plastic as possible and recycled paper products. Jill is involved with Green Circle, when you send your containers back to us they will be responsibly recycled.

Did you know that most pumps and caps are not easily recyclable? Due to their intricate buildout, they cannot be included in the recycling process. It is really important that they are separated if you are going to recycle the products at home. Additionally, If you do decide to recycle your products at home make sure you clean them out well.


Use (and LOVE) all your product.

Send your empties back to us, when we receive your product containers we will send you a 10% discount code to put towards your next purchase.

Pat yourself of the back for being eco-conscious.

We are really grateful for your support.