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Jill Turnbull grew up in eco-conscious Australia – imbued with a sense of adventure, awe of the ocean, and gumption to make her own way in the world. Over a 45-year career as an internationally published freelance hair stylist and colorist working with some of the world’s top media outlets and performers, Jill has developed an intricate understanding of the effect products can have on people’s hair, skin and bodies.

But it wasn’t until a shoot for Vogue Italia in 2019, where she was required to ensure that every product she used was sustainable – signed by the brand, in writing – that Jill began to recognize a new mission for her professional career. Not a single one of the brands she’d always worked with – and assumed were sustainable – would sign off. Armed with shea butter and determination, Jill made her way through the shoot. But after this personal brush with greenwashing, she was determined to create products that would change the beauty industry.

With a focus on performance driven, ocean-safe ingredients, Jill Turnbull Beauty was born. Jill is at the helm of each product, from its formulation to its packaging to the way it is shipped, in her effort to combat the tremendous negative impact the beauty industry has on our earth and waterways. Always innovating, Jill continues to work with private clients in the Baltimore area, developing and iterating on her current line of hair, skin and makeup products.

Jill Turnbull Beauty.

Inspired by 45 years of professional hair styling experience across the globe and a childhood steeped in the wonder of the Australian Great Barrier Reef, Jill Turnbull Beauty provides ocean-safe, performance driven beauty essentials that nourish hair, skin and body naturally. Intertwining beauty and simplicity and with a focus on exceptional quality but minimal impact on the earth, all Jill Turnbull Beauty products are multi-tasking heroes.

With full ingredient transparency, Jill Turnbull Beauty provides a clean, sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to current hair and skin care products. With a mission to reverse the beauty industry’s tremendous negative impact on the environment - and the marine environment in particular - marine environment in particular. We are creating plant-based ingredients, multi-use products, recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging all to work towards the planet's highest performing ocean-safe beauty.