Magic Drops


Personalize your beauty favorites by adding our Revolutionary Magic Drops.

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  • Changes the level of opacity and coverage of your No Sweat Foundation
  • Allows you to personalize your beauty products 
  • Allows your products to become transfer resistant
  • Add to your eye shadows to create liner 
  • Great boo boo fix - pop on a q tip to clean up those liner runs 

Personalize your Foundation:


  • Foundation = Concealer (Full Coverage)
  • Foundation + 1 drop  = Cream Foundation (Medium Coverage)
  • Foundation + 2 drops = Liquid Foundation (Light Coverage)
  • Foundation + 3 drops = Tinted Foundation (Sheer Coverage)


  • Add Magic Drops to your shimmer or eye shadow to intensify pigment or turn into an eyeliner
  • Use Magic Drops to clean up any imperfections or mess during your makeup process   


    Email us for the MSDS info  

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