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Sqround - It’s not exactly a square.   And it’s not exactly round.   Ok, now that you know what sqround is (sorta), I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefits are and why Jill Turnbull decided to package her hair care in these specific shapes?

No waste "Sqround" Bottle? & Four Reasons We Chose to Use Them in our Hair Care

Sqround - It’s not exactly a square.   And it’s not exactly round.   Ok, now that you know what sqround is (sorta), I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefits are and why Jill Turnbull decided to package her hair care in these specific shapes?

No waste packaging


Reason One

NO WASTE in manufacturing - There are always leftover materials with cylindrical bottles. Think about baking cookies; if you stamp your circles, there will always be leftover dough, whereas if you make them square, there is little to no surplus. Limiting the waste, we produce played a large part in choosing the bottle shape. In the beauty industry, there is an abundance of waste, so we made sure to be as eco-conscious as possible when designing our packaging.

Reason Two

A sqround bottle won't roll, and it's easier to hold. I know this reason is pretty self-explanatory, but super convenient! If you drop the bottle or it falls over in the shower, it won't roll away! No Waste!

Reason Three

These bottles are designed to look great in your bathroom, they line up easily and snugly on your shower shelf, and they take up less space. The rounded edge adds an easy-to-hold grip; whether in the shower or unboxing, they won’t slip away. No Waste!

Reason Four

It was essential to limit our waste, so we considered how to save space when packaging these bottles when you head off on vacation. With so much travel, and elements like chlorine, sun, and heat damage, I often find my hair in desperate need of some love and attention – so I usually pack them in the Cotton Sac they came in to avoid bursting, spilling, or leakage. Using a sqround bottle, you can stack the bottles on top of each other or have them lay next to each other in your suitcase for check-in. Looking after your hair as you travel the world is integral; you don’t want to undo all your good work from the rest of the year by leaving your products at home and skipping proper hair maintenance. No Waste!

No waste packaging

Our no waste philosophy encourages reuse and recycling of packaging.


We are all about being environmentally-conscious and minimizing our eco-footprint.

You can help us with that-we encouraging our customers to return their empty packaging to help with our no waste policy.

As a reward for recycling with us, you will receive a 10% discount code, after your no waste return is processed.

We have an overall sustainable approach, using as little plastic as possible and recycled paper products. Jill is involved with Green Circle; when you send your no waste containers back to us they will be responsibly recycled.

Did you know that most pumps and caps are not easily recyclable? Due to their intricate buildout, they cannot be included in the recycling process. 

It is really important that they are separated if you are going to recycle the products at home. 

Additionally, If you decide to recycle your products at home, clean them out well.


Use (and LOVE) all your product.

Send your empties back to us; when we receive your product containers, we will send you a 10% discount code towards your next purchase.

Pat yourself on the back for being eco-conscious.

We are really grateful for your support.


One of our core values at Jill Turnbull Beauty is that we make hair care, skincare, and makeup products sustainably with ocean-safe ingredients and are always cruelty-free.  

OUR CLEAN PROMISE - the beauty industry has a significant (and frightening) impact on the environment . . . marine environment in particular.

We have created plant-based, multi-use products, no waste, recycled, recyclable, or reusable packaging, all to work towards a bluer future.

We exclude potentially harmful ingredients; it’s easy to find alternatives that are shown to be less likely to irritate sensitivities.


Our products are produced and packaged to coexist harmoniously with our pledge to sustainable beauty and are BPA-free, with no waste, recycled, recyclable, and reusable after use.

Each bottle, jar, and tube is made of a most recyclable form of plastic PET, designed to last up to 2 years, allowing for multiple refills and with no waste.

As we know, glass is unsafe to use in the shower, so we offer resilient packaging and encourage refilling it once empty for no waste.

We work hard to ensure these materials are directly tied to upcycling efforts to reduce plastic waste. We skipped out on outer cardboard boxes; every piece of printed material, including the box your products arrive in, is produced from recycled materials.

sqround packaging


Our products are cruelty-free, and we're working with the Humane Society of the United States to end animal testing for cosmetics.

We are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Our products are produced locally in the USA.

Each time you purchase with us, you directly contribute to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

products that are cruelty free

shelf life

We get our ingredients from trustworthy sources to ensure they are the purest quality.

While the fresher ingredients mean a shorter shelf-life, they are better for you and the planet.

Jill is hands-on and always available to answer your questions, make recommendations, advise on products, and offer beauty tricks of the trade.

SHEwe get our ingredients from trustworthy sources to ensure that they are the purest quality available.

TAKEN CARE OF: with small-batched beauty products, very few hands touch the products before they get to the hands of customers.

When looking for a new product to add to your beauty routine, consider buying from small-batch beauty brands to ensure you get the purest and best value.

There is a benefit in purchasing small-batched beauty. When shopping, remember to read the ingredients and keep an eye out for brands you can trust!

We believe in minimizing our impact and improving our relationship with the Earth!