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ALOE VERA SERUM - Hair Care - Jill Turnbull Beauty -A powerful blend of Aloe Vera for regenerating, protecting, and delivering deep healing to your hair and scalp. ALOE VERA SERUM consists of 90% pure organic Aloe leaf juice and provides intensive
Our restorative Rosemary WASH shampoo delivers a rich source of antioxidants supercharged with Biotin Liposomes. It's more than a cleanse; it's a revitalizing botanical haircare experience that boosts hair density, protects against environmental stressors, and delivers powerful rejuvenating benefits every time you wash.
CONDITIONING TONE - Hair Care - Jill Turnbull Beauty -Discovering conditioning TONE ideal for all hair types, especially fine, dry and aging hair, to help restore youthful luster. Organic wildcrafted Shea Butter and Algae extract powerfully restore moisture
ROSEMARY LEAVE.IN fortify with antioxidant-rich, leave-in conditioner for rejuvenation, promoting strength, thickness, and a natural, full-bodied look. Create a daily routine that restores and revitalizes your hair, showcasing its beauty and vitality. It also helps to control flyaway strands and provides a lush shine.
Style-forward multi-purpose formula delivers all the smoothing benefits of a result-driven styling product with the perks of a non-sticky ant-frizz styling leave-in.   A carefully selected blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and vitamin E delivers long-lasting conditioning benefits to help strengthen, repair, and protect the hair.  SMOOTHING BALM is as protective as it is fun to use.
TEXTURE POMADE Oil-free, matte texturizing finishing pomade works instantly for texture with a long-lasting hold. Enhance curl, define texture, long-lasting, super-strong hold.
This is our vegan natural hair gel, formulated for superb, non-crunchy weightless volumizing styling hold.  Our oil-free VOLUME GEL is a session stylist's go-to favorite and perfect for all hair types.   It gives you fullness, texture, and volume, whether long, short, curled, or blown-out, with a long-lasting, weightless hold that lasts all day and night.
VOLUME POWDER is an organic vegan dry shampoo and styling powder that gives excellent lift and volume while absorbing excess oils.   VOLUME POWDER comes two sizes: 4oz Refillable Spray and 2oz Travel Shaker with Refill - pick below.