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Discover the power of botanicals with our DAILY FRESH & CLEAN Rosemary hair care set. Created for all hair types, this duo deeply cleanses and strengthens, reducing breakage and enhancing color longevity. Experience pure and potent botanical ingredients that nurture and rejuvenate for healthier, vibrant locks.

What It Is

Shower yourself in the desired results: Our carefully curated daily essentials kit deeply cleanses the hair and scalp while strengthening and protecting. Elevate your color longevity and say goodbye to hair breakage with formulas suitable for all hair types.

It reduces water waste by rinsing out in seconds. Ocean Safe Beauty is made without harmful or unnecessary ingredients to outperform conventional products.

What's in the Collection

Housed in a reusable cotton pouch, you will receive full sizes of:

WASH: a rebalancing shampoo that melts into a milky emulsion to gently cleanse your hair and scalp while maximizing colour longevity and protecting against harmful free radicals.

TONE: a nourishing conditioner that treats fine, fragile and damaged hair. Perfect for all hair types. 

** cannot be purchased with a discount code as it has already been discounted.