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Target your hair and scalp every need with the 5-piece PERFECT HAIR set result engineered to reveal your perfection. Our supercharged collection replaces everything missing from the hair inside. Say goodbye to split ends, frizziness, undesired texture, lack of body, and dull hair. Reduces water waste by rinsing out in seconds.

Ocean Safe Beauty is made without harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

What's in this set

Housed in a reusable cotton pouch, you will receive full sizes of:

TREAT: a soothing pre-wash treatment to restore balance to your scalp overnight.

WASH: a rebalancing shampoo that melts into a milky emulsion to gently cleanse your hair and scalp while maximizing colour longevity, and protecting against harmful free radicals.

SERUM: a restorative blend of aloe vera and amino acids to restore and renew lustre to dry, damaged scalp and hair.

TONE: a nourishing conditioner that treats fine, fragile and damaged hair. Perfect for all hair types. 

LEAVE.IN: a fortifying elixir formulated to boost thickness and body. Formulated with the highest concentration of lavender hydrosol, organic aloe, nutrient-rich Panthenol (vitamin B5), and a powerhouse algae with 49 antioxidants. A nurturing and restorative blend to restore and renew lustre and shine to dry, damaged, brittle scalp and hair.