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Grey Hair : Cover or Embrace?

By Jill Turnbull  •   5 minute read

grey hair: cover or embrace grey hair

Grey hair is a natural part of the aging process; for many people, it can be a source of insecurity or self-consciousness.

On the other hand, some people have embraced their grey hair and have even made it a fashion statement. 

So, should you cover your grey hair or let it be natural?

In this blog post, we'll explore the pros and cons of both options to help you make the right decision.

Grey Hair: Cover or Embrace?

First, let's talk about covering grey hair.

There are a few reasons why you might want to do this. One reason is that grey hair can make you look older than you feel, and some people may not be ready to embrace the signs of aging. Additionally, grey hair can be difficult to manage and style, especially if it's becomes coarse or wiry.

Another reason to cover grey hair is that it can give you a more youthful appearance. Coloring your hair can also add shine and fullness, which can make your hair look healthier and more vibrant. For people who have naturally curly or wavy hair, it can also help to tame frizz and define curls.

On the other hand, with grey hair

There are also many reasons why you might want to let your grey hair be natural.

One reason is that it can be a sign of wisdom and maturity. Many people see grey hair as a symbol of experience and confidence, and it can be empowering to embrace it.

Additionally, letting your grey hair be natural can save you time and money. You won't have to spend hours at the salon getting your hair colored, and you won't have to spend money on expensive hair dye. Plus, you'll be avoiding the potential damage that hair dye can cause, such as dryness, breakage, and damage to the hair's natural pigment.

Another reason to let your grey hair be natural is that it can be a fashion statement. Grey hair is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are choosing to embrace it as a unique and stylish look. This is especially true among young people, who are bucking traditional beauty standards and choosing to wear their hair in a way that feels authentic to them.

So, what's the verdict?

Should you cover your grey hair or let it be natural? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you're not ready to embrace the signs of aging or if you find grey hair challenging to manage and style, then covering it may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a low-maintenance and empowering look, then letting your grey hair be natural may be the way to go.

Ultimately, the most important thing is feeling confident and comfortable in your skin. If you need help with what to do, consider talking to a hair stylist or colorist who can help you make the right decision. And remember that there is no right or wrong way to have grey hair. It's all about what makes you happy and feels good.

HELEN MIRREN - embracing her Grey Hair

The quintessential sophisticated, mature woman. 

After seeing how she looked with gray powder covering her hair to play Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George, she decided to just go for it. “I have to say it was easy for me because my hair was always blonde,” Mirren told Vogue. 

See the full article in Glamour. 

Jamie Lee Curtis keeping it real grey hair.

Jamie Lee Curtis is all about keeping it real.

“In the world, there is an industry—a billion-dollar, trillion-dollar industry—about hiding things,” she shared on Instagram. “Concealers. Body shapers. Fillers. Procedures. Clothing. Hair accessories. Hair products. Everything to conceal the reality of who we are. And my instruction to everybody was: I want there to be no concealing of anything.”

Read the full article in Glamour

The undisputed queen of gorgeous grey hair? Dame Judi Dench

In a interview with the Daily Mail, the British actress spoke about how women shouldn't feel pressured to modify their looks based on trends.

"I loved it when I dyed my hair pink. A lot of women get stuck at what they are good at and what they did between the ages of 18 and 28 and they never have the courage to change that," she said.

 "Some people have a classic haircut and it works for them and that's great, but it's much better to accept how you look now and then be modern."

the undisputed queen of gorgeous grey hair

Maintaining your grey hair

Grey hair is a beautiful and natural part of the aging process. However, many people find that as their hair turns grey, it can also become brassy or yellow in tone. This is because as hair loses its natural pigmentation, it becomes more susceptible to discoloration from environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, and the use of harsh hair care products.

To keep grey hair ashy and prevent it from turning brassy or yellow, there are a few things you can do:

Use a purple shampoo: Purple shampoos are specially formulated to neutralize brassy or yellow tones in grey hair. They work by depositing purple pigments on the hair, neutralizing the yellow tones and leaving the hair looking a more neutral ashy and cool-toned.

Use a toning conditioner: Toning conditioners are also designed to neutralize brassy or yellow tones in grey hair. They can be used in place of purple shampoo or in conjunction to keep hair ashy and cool-toned.

Protect your hair from the sun: Sun exposure can cause hair to become discolored and brassy. To protect your hair, wear a hat or use hair-specific sunscreen when spending time in the sun.

Avoid using heat styling tools: Heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons can cause hair to become dry and brittle, making it more susceptible to discoloration and to keep your grey hair fresh.

Avoid harsh hair care products: Harsh hair care products such as hair dyes, bleach, and perms can cause grey hair to become damaged and discolored. It is best to avoid these harsh products if you want to keep your grey hair looking neutral, ashy and cool-toned.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle: A healthy diet and lifestyle can promote healthy hair growth and prevent discoloration. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can help to keep your hair healthy and strong while reducing stress, and getting enough sleep can also help to promote healthy hair growth.

Following these pro tips, you can keep your grey hair looking ashy and cool-toned and prevent it from turning brassy or yellow. Always use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and avoid products containing harsh chemicals., we recommend that you use our WASH Shampoo and TONE Conditioner 

You can enjoy beautiful, ashy grey hair for years with a little care and attention.

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