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Where is Coral Reef Found

Where is Coral Reef Found

Exploring Nature's Marvels: The Naturally Formed Heart-Shaped Coral Reef

Australia's most remarkable natural gifts the Great Barrier Reef?
True to its name, Heart Reef has naturally formed into the shape of a heart over time, and now sits under the surface within the Great Barrier Reef, off the Queensland coast in Australia. The Heart Shaped coral formation is best viewed from the air where you can take in this beauty in its full glory.

Why coral reef is important!

Coral reefs, often referred to as "the rainforest of the sea," play a crucial role in marine biodiversity, supporting more species per unit area than any other marine environment. They serve as a source of food and shelter for a myriad of species, including shrimp, small fish, and various predators. It's fascinating to learn that a quarter of all marine life relies on coral reefs at some point in their life cycle. However, this vital ecosystem is under threat from the rising temperatures of our planet's waters, posing a significant risk to the existence of these vibrant underwater communities.

A genuine slice of Aussie nature is carved into a heart amidst the Hardy Reef stretch of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is Heart Reef, stumbled upon in '75 by Air Whitsunday's keen-eyed pilots.

Echoing the wise words of Confucius, 'Wherever you go, go with all your heart' – and wouldn't you love to visit a heart-shaped natural marvel on the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Ocean-Safe Haircare: How Jill Turnbull Beauty Champions Marine-Friendly Ingredients

As the founder of Jill Turnbull Beauty, I've always felt a profound connection to our planet's oceans, which is why the threat posed by marine-toxic ingredients in personal care products profoundly concerns me. These chemicals, often overlooked, make their way into our oceans through simple daily actions—like washing off sunscreen at the beach or even through what our bodies excrete. Unfortunately, not even the most sophisticated sewage treatments can catch them all. This reality struck me hard, especially knowing how concentrated pollutants can devastate marine ecosystems when we swim with toxic sunscreen on.

This is why at Jill Turnbull Beauty, we've pledged to only use ingredients in our products that are safe for marine life. It's a decision that goes beyond just avoiding harm; it's about actively contributing to the health of our oceans. We carefully select each component to ensure that our beauty line supports not just the individual's beauty but also the beauty of the world around us. By choosing ocean-safe ingredients, we aim to protect marine ecosystems and empower you, our customers, to be part of a positive change towards preserving our oceans.

Our commitment to using only marine-friendly ingredients is a reflection of our broader dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It's about doing our part to ensure that our actions today don't compromise the health of our planet tomorrow. At Jill Turnbull Beauty, we're not just creating beauty products; we're on a mission to offer solutions that align with the well-being of the Earth itself.

Committed to reducing the beauty industry's environmental impact, delivering the highest-quality, multi-purpose products in recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging.

Join us in making a difference in the beauty industry with the choices you make.

Written by Jill Turnbull

Jill Turnbull Beauty Authentic Sustainability was founded by Australian Jill Turnbull. With a 48-year legacy in hairstyling and makeup artistry, her brand stands for genuine, ocean-safe beauty solutions.